Thursday, September 15, 2016

We Found Him!

This morning, we finished another version of The Gingerbread Boy.  By this time we were feeling kind of hungry, so we decided to head to the kitchen to get our gingerbread boy for our snack.  But when we got there, we learned that he was gone!!!

Like all good detectives, we came back to our classroom and made a plan.  We used our community writing project for today to make a LOST sign about our gingerbread boy!  We decided to hang it up in the hallway.


Then we decided to search the school and look for clues.  We looked everywhere…in the hallway, under lockers, in Mrs. Town's office, in Miss Elsen's classroom, the office the library, the nurse's office, the clerk's workroom and more!


We were getting frustrated, but we did not give up.  Finally we found him in Mr. Ball's office…right across the hall from our classroom!

We had to edit our sign in the hallway...

…and take a class picture with our gingerbread boy!

Then we got to do the best part…eat him!  He was yummy!



We shared our gingerbread boy with some special visitors…Ms. Kieltyka, Mr. Ciemney and Mrs. Town.  It was a great day in Kindergarten!

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