Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Eggs Have Arrived!

Well, you have probably heard our big news in Kindergarten…it is spring which means it is soon time for us to begin our Unit of Study - Animals 2x2.  For this unit, we attempt to hatch baby chicks in an incubator in our classroom.  Our four eggs arrived earlier this week and we have placed them in the incubator.

We had to establish some rules for the incubator.  The students came up with some great ideas so we made a list to post near the incubator.


Like all good scientists, we need to record our observations.  We will keep a chick journal throughout the duration of our unit.

Not much will be happening inside the incubator for a while.  If all goes well, it takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch.  That means our hatch day is on or around May 18.  We are so excited, but also being very patient.  Keep your fingers crossed for a successful hatch…or four!  Stay tuned...

P.E. All Stars of the Week

Hats off to our most recent P.E. All Stars of the Week…Kylea and Alex E.  We are super proud of you.  Thanks for being great All Star role models for your peers.  Congratulations!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Making Banana Bread

In the story Curious George Visits a Bookstore, George sees the customers trying some samples of banana bread.  As we all know, George was curious so he tried some, too.  He loved it!  Today, we made our own Curious George Banana Bread.  





We took the bread down to the kitchen and asked Miss Deb if she would bake it for us since we do not have an oven in our room.  Soon after we dropped it off, we could smell the yummy bread baking!  We picked it up and actually ate it for our snack this afternoon.  Everyone tried the bread and they LOVED it!




It was another good day in Kindergarten!

Taking Care of the Earth

Since we did not have school on the actual Earth Day, we did lots of projects this past week regarding taking care of the earth.  We read stories, shared our thinking on ways to help take care of the earth, wrote a class book and made litter bags.  On Friday, we will participate in an all school clean up…weather permitting!






Sunday, April 24, 2016

Shape Hunt

Earlier this week, Mrs. Putz and her first graders invited us to join them on a 3-D Shape Hunt around the school.  It seems they have also been working on 3-D shapes and they thought it would be fun to do this activity with us.  You probably saw the papers from this activity come home in your child's back pack.  It was a great time!  Be sure to have a 3-D shape hunt at home, too.  Enjoy the photos!






We had lots of fun meeting some first grade friends.  Thank you, Mrs. Putz and the first graders!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Doing Good Together

Here are a few photos of our Northview "Doing Good Together" service event held this evening.  What an amazing turn out…so fun to see so many students, families and staff working together to truly do something wonderful for others.  Many thanks especially to Mrs. Town and Mrs. Hanson for bringing this event to our school and for inspiring each of us to be our best selves by helping others.  Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend!