Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Name Chart

This week, we have been focusing on learning the names of our classroom community members.  With 21 new students in our kindergarten class, we have lots to learn.  One of the tools we use for this is our classroom name chart.

Each student gets a card with their name printed on it.  We lay the cards out on the rug and start with the letter a.  Anyone who has a name that begins with a finds their card and shows it to their friends.  If there is more than one name that begins with a, then we decide as a group which comes first and so on. Then we place the names on a large piece of chart paper.  When we are finished, we display the chart in our classroom so everyone can see it.  This is a great way to help us learn names!



We really can't believe how many rainy days we have already had this year.  Rainy weather calls for some creative things to do for inside recess.  On this day, we explored with some more of our cool math tools!



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