Saturday, June 6, 2015

Our Last Day of Kindergarten

Well, this is how our classroom looked after all the students went home yesterday.  It's kind of sad for me, but kind of exciting at the same time.  I say exciting because I am so proud of these kids and how hard they worked and how much they have grown throughout the past year.  What a great year!  Thank you for sharing your amazing children with us at Northview.  I wish each of them the best as they head off to First Grade.  This post will consist of LOTS of photos from our last day in Kindergarten...

We started the day acknowledging our Fifth Graders.  The Fifth Grade students paraded through the halls while we all applauded them and their elementary school accomplishments!

We read a beautiful story You! by Sandra Magsamen.  It was a gift to our class from Mrs. Radermacher.  Then we went out to the playground with Mrs. Anderson's and Mrs. Schlagel's classes for some fun!






We got to eat lunch outdoors on the last day of school, too!



We ended the day with an all school assembly in the gym which included a Lip Sync battle between Mr. Gilbertson and Mr. Ball and an incredible video put together by Mrs. Fifield and Mrs. Fleck.  It was a great day!

This is a photo of the entire class of 2027...

and this is our class.  Have a wonderful, safe summer!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


This week, we read the book Courage by Bernard Waber.  We had a lengthy discussion about what courage is and we shared lots of times when we have had to have courage.  One thing we talked about is that with Kindergarten coming to an end, we will all need a little courage as we leave what we have become so comfortable with and move on to something new…First Grade!


We took some time to write about what courage means to us in our Reader's Notebooks.  Then we shared our thinking.


Mrs. Radermacher quickly typed up our writing and then we illustrated our pages.  Miss Becky, our clerk, ran the copies and made them in to a fun book for each of us to have a copy!

We hope you enjoy our version of Courage!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beach Day

The dreary weather outside did not stop us from enjoying our Student Council sponsored "Beach Day".  Here are a few photos from our day...




More of Our Village

Here are a few more of the Northview Staff that have been incredibly helpful with our Kindergartners this year...


Mrs. Fiedler (Speech and Interventionist) and Mrs. Hanson (IA and GT/Enrichment Teacher)


Mrs. McGowan (Resource Teacher) and Mrs. Shau (Paraprofessional)


Mrs. Offerman (Kitchen) and Mr. Ciemney (School Social Worker)

I was not kidding when I said it takes a village…just look at all the staff members that touch the lives of our Kindergartners each and every day!  Thank you to each and every one of our Northview Staff members who make a difference in the lives of our Kindergarten students!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Goldfish and Guppies

We are spending some time learning more about our goldfish and guppies.  We labeled the parts of each of these fish and discovered that even though they are different types of fish, they still had all the same parts.


We worked on our Father's Day projects that also happen to have a fish theme!


Then we worked on our paper aquariums.




They turned out pretty well!

And look at these two cupcakes!!