Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Look what was sitting near Mrs. Kurt's rocking chair on Thursday morning.  She almost tripped over it!  What in the world could be inside this bag???

We read a wonderful story called Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington.  It is a story about a little boy named Jamie who plants a pumpkin seed.  The pumpkin seed becomes a pumpkin sprout, then a pumpkin plant, then a pumpkin flower…be sure to as your kindergartner about what happened in the rest of the story!  At the end, Jamie still had some pumpkin seeds.  We wrote about what we thought he might do with the seeds in our blue Reader's Notebooks.


We were still awfully curious about what was in the bag…it sure was heavy!  Maybe you have already guessed what it was...


…a pumpkin!  But what in the world are we going to do with a pumpkin?  We listed some pretty good ideas for it.

Stay tuned to see what we really do with it!

Fun With Shapes

We have been working on lots of things in Math lately.  Counting forward and backward, identifying and creating patterns and identifying two dimensional shapes.  One of the activities we did recently with shapes was to create a real life object using one of the shapes we have been learning about.  Students could choose circles, squares, rectangles or triangles to create something from real life that had the same shape.  They came up with some pretty creative things!




We shared on the rug all the amazing things we created and then did a Museum Walk, where we walk around the rug and admire each other's work.



We are also learning how to "build" numbers.  We choose a number each day and "build" it, or show how to make that number in some different ways.  Below is a sample of us building the number five.  You will probably see more examples of these in days to come!

Morning Message

One of the most important components of our Morning Meeting each day is our Morning Message.  This message consists of the date and information about our day.  It often has interactive activities associated with it for student learning.  Below are three examples of this part of our Morning Meeting!





Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More Kindergarten Fun

Last Friday, we took some time to work on our community building.  We did something called "Fun Friday".  Students worked together to participate in activities at each table.  They had to work on using their words; being kind, patient and respectful; working together and cleaning up when it was time.  What a fun morning!  Enjoy some awesome photos of this fun activity.








We are building an amazing kindergarten community at Northview Elementary!

Fall Celebration

Today was an exciting day in our kindergarten class.  We had our Fall Celebration!  We started the day with a wonderful story…

…and then made a list of things we think of when we talk about fall.  Check out all these amazing ideas!

We quickly decided to write about our favorite thing to do in the fall in our Reader's Notebooks.  We started by thinking of an idea.  Then we did a "Turn and Talk" with a partner.  Turn and Talk is when we get to share our ideas or thinking with a friend.  Talking about our ideas helps us to plan out what we are going to draw and write.


Next, we added a picture of our favorite thing to do in the fall in our Reader's Notebooks.  We even tried to add some labels and words to our pictures!



Of course, the most exciting part of our day was the Fall Celebration that took place after lunch today.  We participated in activities at four different stations…Fall Bingo, Pumpkin Craft and Bean Bag Toss, Play Dough, and Roll a Pumpkin.











After the celebration, we headed off to Art class.  But when we returned, we found a popcorn snack at our table spots!  We had a popcorn snack while we watched a movie about pumpkins!


At the end of each day, we do an Appreciation Circe, where the kids reflect on their day and share one thing with the group that they appreciated about their day.  I appreciate my volunteers…Lisa Krier (Everly's mom) and Jessica Rau (Colton's mom) for taking time out of their busy day to come and help with the celebration.  I also appreciate some Northview staff members who also assisted us today…Mrs. Radermacher, Mrs. Tavernier and Mrs. Town.  We would not have been able to have this celebration without these wonderful people.  Thank you all!!!