Thursday, October 19, 2017

Building Stamina Through Managed Independent Learning

We continue to work on building stamina through our Managed Independent Learning activities.  Enjoy some photos of the activities we participated in this past week.







Building and Labeling Patterns

We have been working on creating and labeling patterns in Math.  This week, we used a variety of Math tools to create patterns.  These tools included counting bears, unifix cubes, color tiles and attribute blocks.  We are getting pretty good at noticing, creating and labeling patterns around us!





Math Workplaces

Math Workplaces this week consisted of Unifix Cube Patterns, Pattern Block Puzzles, Bucket of Bugs, Which Bug Will Win and Which Numeral Will Win.  The kindergartners are doing a great job working together on these math activities in small groups.  They are learning to be patient, take turns and how to solve math problems all at the same time!







Good People Everywhere

On Wednesday morning, Mrs. Town stopped by our room to read us a story called Good People Everywhere by Lynea Gillen.  This book reminds us that there are lots of good people in the world, like carpenters who build our houses, farmers who grow our food, doctors and nurses who take care of us, police officers who protect us, teachers who teach us…the list goes on and on!  This book encourages children (and adults) to recognize the good people in our lives each and every day!



Thanks for reading us such a good story, Mrs. Town!

Symbols of the U.S.A.

We will be learning about symbols of the U.S.A. over the next few weeks.  We began this unit by exploring some nonfiction books that we have in our classroom.  We had a great discussion about all the things we noticed in our books.  We noticed words, title pages, punctuation marks, letters, pictures and some cool symbols of the United States.  Next we read a nonfiction book called U.S. Symbols.  We started a list of all the things that remind us of our great country and we are excited to add to this list over the next few days as we learn even more!  




Friday, October 13, 2017

Acknowledging Others

As we learn more about being part of a community at Northview, we try to acknowledge others at our school and special events.  This week we celebrated Food Service Workers Appreciation Week.  We did a community writing project, thanking the lunchroom employees who cook breakfast and lunch for us daily, help us in the lunch line and clean up all the trays and dishes at Northview.


We also took the time to make a birthday card for Mrs. Tavernier, who celebrated her birthday on Thursday of this week.


Thanks to our awesome food service workers and Mrs. Tavernier for making a difference at Northview!

Fire Prevention Projects

We were busy throughout the week making fire trucks, reading fire safety stories and making our fire hats.  Here are some photos of our work!