Friday, July 13, 2018

Last Day of Kindergarten

The last day of kindergarten is always bittersweet, especially for this teacher.  While I am sad to see these amazing little ones go, it has been such an honor to watch them grow and help them along their way.  They have become kind, compassionate little people, ready to take on first grade and whatever comes their way.  It has been an honor being their teacher and wish each and every one of them nothing but the absolute best for the future!

The last day of school includes getting to eat lunch outdoors (weather permitting), a fifth grade walk through where all the fifth grade students parade through the halls one last time, an all school assembly and slide show and finally our good-byes!







Just a few hours after everyone left, things sure looked different around here!

Thank you all for a wonderful year.  Have a safe and relaxing summer.  Practice your reading, writing and math.  And never stop being your best selves.  See you when you are first graders!!!

End of Year Fun

The last week of school, we took some time to play on the playground with all our kindergarten friends.  We had lots of fun!







A House for Hermit Crab

As our school year came to a close, we read a story from one of our favorite authors, Eric Carle.  The story is called A House for Hermit Crab.  In this story, a hermit crab needs to find a new shell for his home as he has grown out of the current one.  We related this to our own as kindergartners, we were ready to find our new "shells" and move on to first grade.  It turned out to be a great lesson and cute project!







Thursday, July 12, 2018