Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bus Safety

On Thursday, we had our bus safety presentation from a really nice bus driver named Tony.  He talked to us about what to do in case of an emergency on a school bus.  He showed us how to sit properly in the seats, where the emergency exits are located and even how to get out of the bus quickly.  


We had a chance to exit the bus through the emergency door in the back of the bus.  It was kind of a big jump but we had teachers to help us jump out safely.  Tony also talked to us about the danger zone around the bus and how to cross in front of the bus safely.  


He showed us how to wait on the curb and to look at the driver.  When the driver gives the signal to cross, then we need to cross in front of the flag that the school bus patrol member is holding.


Many thanks to Tony, Mrs. Radermacher, Ms. Kieltyka, Mrs. Dietrich and Mrs. Holm for helping us learn how to be safe on the school bus.

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