Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Kurt's Kindergarten class!

Of course we needed a photo of our silly faces, too.

Thankful for...

Look at all the things these kindergartners are thankful for!




I am especially thankful for my 23 kindergartners, their families and Mrs. Grittner!

Special Thanksgiving Snack

In the spirit of the first Thanksgiving, we worked together to create a yummy snack mix for our snack today.  Many thanks to each of you for donating supplies for this fun activity.  The kids LOVED it!!!  A huge shout out to Mrs. Grittner, our new paraprofessional, for her help with this fun activity!!





Save a Turkey!

This week, our focus shifted a bit to Thanksgiving and being grateful.  We read Thanksgiving stories and did a few fun projects.  One of our most fun projects was our Save a Turkey project.  We made some pretty cute turkeys...







We brainstormed a list of ideas of things we could eat instead of turkey.  We came up with some pretty great ideas!


Monday, November 20, 2017

Thankful for Mr. Csargo

Today was a little bit rough for some of us in Kindergarten.  Today was Mr. Csargo's last day at Northview.  Mr. Csargo has been at Northview as long as we have…50 days!  He has been an amazing English Language teacher and Writer's Workshop co-teacher in our classroom with Mrs. Kurt.  Mr. Csargo read us a story called Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson.  In this story, Bear is in his den all alone, listening to the wind.  He is very bored and misses his friends terribly.  He decides to have a feast and invite all his friends over.  Except for he has one problem…his cupboard is bare!

Mr. Csargo talked with us about being thankful and grateful for things we have in our lives.  He told us that he was thankful for us.  He also shared that he is grateful for his family in Portugal and that he really misses them, just like Bear misses his friends in the story!  Mr. Csargo encouraged us to write about things we are thankful for in our lives.  We got our journals and got to work!





Like we always do, we shared our writing at the end of Writer's Workshop.  We learned that we are thankful for many, many things.  We are especially thankful for our time with Mr. Csargo and the time he spent in our classroom working with us.  Although we are sad he is leaving, we are very happy for him that he will be heading back to Portugal to be with his family.  We will miss you, Mr. Csargo and we wish you and your family all the very best!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Science Journals

This week, we introduced our Science Journals as part of our Writer's Workshop.  We have been learning that scientists observe lots of things and then they carefully record their observations.  We started out by recording our observations about trees.




We are also learning about meteorology and what meteorologists do.  We know that they are scientists who study the weather.  Today we went outdoors to do what meteorologists do…observe the weather! While we were observing, Mr. Csargo recorded our great thinking.


When we went back inside, we quickly got to work recording our observations in our journals.  We drew pictures and added words.




Then we shared our observations in a whole group setting.




We really are kindergarten scientists!