Sunday, December 24, 2017

Eric Carle's Dream Snow

We recently read a wonderful book by Eric Carle called Dream Snow. It is a wonderful story about a farmer who takes good care of his precious animals during the winter.  

One of our favorite parts of the story is on the last page, when the farmer decorates a tree.  There is a button to push in the book and it makes the sweetest twinkling sound and the lights on the tree flash.  We decided to make our own tree!

The project took us a few days to complete.  First we had to do the painting and wait for it to dry.  Then we had to make sure the paper was flat, so we stacked some heavy books on top of it for a few days.  Next we had to cut out the tree, designed by Mrs. Anderson!




We glued the tree to the background paper.



We added pom poms for ornaments and aluminum foil for tinsel.






They turned out just beautiful!

A Visit from EHS Carolers

On Wednesday morning, we had the pleasure of listening to some carolers from the Eagan High School Choir.  They have beautiful voices and we really enjoyed listening to them sing!




Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Night Tree

Last week, we read one of my most favorite winter stories…Night Tree by Eve Bunting.  It's about a family that has adopted a tree in Luke's Forest, on the edge of town.  Each year, during the winter, this family has a tradition of decorating their tree, but not decorations for a holiday.  They decorate it with popcorn, apples, tangerines, seeds and yummy treats for the animals in the forest.  They even cover the ground around the tree with seeds and nuts for smaller creatures who may not be able to reach things on the tree.  It is their way of doing something kind for our animal friends.  We made a night tree project to go with the story.




We had to do a lot of cutting with this project.  The next step was to assemble the tree.  We needed to put the parts in a pattern!


Finally, we used cray pas to add details or the food decorations to the trees.




They turned out just beautiful.  I hope your kindergartner shared the story of the Night Tree with you.  If they did not, ask them about it.  We decided the author's message of this book is that we should try to do kind things for others, even if they are animals!