Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our Community Puzzle

We continue to work on fun activities to help us learn the names of our community members.  We each decorated our own name puzzle.  We took it apart and then we had to put it back together.  Putting it back together was trickier than we thought!


On Tuesday of this week, Mrs. Kurt gave each of us a large puzzle piece.  When we got it, it was just plain white.  We started by printing our own name on the puzzle piece.  Then our job was to decorate this puzzle piece with things that are all about ourselves.  For example, if you like flowers, you might draw some flowers on your piece.  If you love soccer, you might add a soccer ball.  The idea is for the puzzle piece to represent each individual in our community.

Once we had the individual puzzle pieces decorated, we were curious to see what would come next.  We got a giant piece of paper and started putting our puzzle pieces together!






We were curious about why we were doing this.  After talking about it for a little while, we realized that this puzzle represents our classroom community.  We are all individuals with special and unique talents, but when we all work together in our classroom, we fit together to make a wonderful kindergarten classroom community!

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