Saturday, September 24, 2016

Checking Out Library Books

On Friday we were lucky enough to go to the library to check out a book for the first time!  Mrs. Horton read us a story...


…and then we got to look at books and choose one to look at.  If we liked it, we could go to the desk to check it out.  If we didn't, we could look until we found one to check out.




We even had a little time left over to sit on the couches and look at our books!



Students can borrow or check out one library book each week.  They can return their book any day…I recommend you keep it at home for a few days and return it early in the week.  If a borrowed book is not returned, your child will not be able to get a new book on our next visit.  Our regular library day will be on Fridays.  On the weeks we do not have school on Fridays, Mrs. Horton and I will work to reschedule our library time.  I will keep you posted on these occasions.  Happy Reading!

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