Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Fun in Kindergarten

Tuesday was a day full of turkey activities in Kindergarten at Northview.  We read the story "T'was the Night Before Thanksgiving" by Dav Pilkey.  In this story, students go on a field trip to Farmer Mack Nugget's farm and meet some turkeys that will soon be someone's Thanksgiving dinner.  The students come up with a plan to rescue the turkeys.  Be sure and ask your Kindergartener how the turkeys were saved in this story.

We completed our turkey Math project.



The whole school played turkey bingo.  Mrs. Town and Mr. Ball wore some interesting hats while they called the bingo game on the Northview news.


When we got a bingo, we got to run down the hall to the prize table and we had to gobble like a turkey!  We don't get to run in the hallways at school, so this was pretty fun for us to do.


We made our fun turkey hats, too.  We put them on and sang three Thanksgiving songs to Mrs. Town.  


Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Kurt's class.  Enjoy this special holiday with your family and friends.  I am very thankful for the 22 kindergarten students in my class and their families!

Thanksgiving Snack

Thanks to all of our families for their generous donations for our Thanksgiving snack.  We had lots of fun putting it all together and are very thankful for Mrs. Radermacher for helping us with this!




All three of the Kindergarten classes gathered to watch a movie about the first Thanksgiving and share our wonderful class snacks.  We sure have lots to be thankful for at Northview!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Family Fun Night

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Family Fun Night.  It was so much fun and we loved seeing so many families participating in cup stacking, gym activities and playing board games in the cafeteria.  Thanks to the staff members who helped make this happen!






Bowling, Trees and Reading with Fourth Grade

My students absolutely adore Mr. Nelson and going to gym on Cycle Day 2.  They just completed a unit on bowling and had a blast.  Thanks, Mr. Nelson!


We made a fun tree booklet this week.



Mrs. Holtz invited us to come to her classroom Friday afternoon to hear her fourth graders read aloud.  Wow.  They are amazing readers and asked us great comprehension questions about the stories, too.  Thanks, Mrs. Holtz!



Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Busy Week!

It was a very busy week in Kindergarten!  Mrs. Anderson's class stopped by to share some of their awesome writing from Writer's Workshop.  We loved hearing their stories and seeing what they are doing in their class.



We learned about symmetry and made butterflies for a quilt we will put together in Math on Monday.  It's going to have lots of patterns in it and we are so excited to see the finished product.


We put together some cool puzzles that a 6th grade Lego League team made.  We were trying them out and doing some action research for their project.  The puzzles were pretty cool and some of them were difficult, but we had fun solving them.  Good luck to the 6th graders in their competition!!


For sure, one of the week's highlights was our Book Bags!  We are so excited to have our Book Bags and to get to bring books home.  We really feel like the big kids now.  So fun!



We did a fun handprint turkey project with paint, too.


When we finished it, we hung it on our classroom door...

 Have a good weekend!