Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Gingerbread Boy

What an exciting few days in Kindergarten!  We have been reading different versions of The Gingerbread Boy stories.  It has been interesting seeing how these stories are the same and different!  We have a few more versions to read and explore in the next few days.


All this talk about gingerbread made us a little hungry.  In fact, our friend Maveryck suggested that we should make some gingerbread.  That gave me an idea…gingerbread would make a great snack.  So I headed over to Cub Foods to get the ingredients!

Like every good baker, we needed a recipe to follow.  We gathered perimeter on our rug and got to work.  If we are going to have this for a snack, then everyone needs to help!


Maveryck and Sami added the gingerbread mix.


BoBo and Sophia added the eggs.


Elaina and Oliver added the water.  Then we were ready to mix the dough.  This is the hard part!  It was kind of hard, so everyone had to take a turn stirring the batter while we all chanted a little poem…
1-2-3!  A gingerbread boy I soon will be!



What great cooperation I witnessed among these kindergartners.  They all worked together to help make their gingerbread boy.  When they were done mixing, we put the dough on a big cookie sheet and did our best to form it into the shape of a gingerbread boy.


When we had it all finished, we took it down to the kitchen and asked the lunch ladies to please bake it.  (We don't have an oven in our room to bake it!)  We also warned them to keep an eye on our gingerbread boy so he doesn't run away!


We can't wait until tomorrow to pick him up from the kitchen and decorate him!

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