Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eagle Facts and Leprechaun Hats

This morning we wrote facts about eagles.  Then we made it in to a form called "Meet My Eagle".  We gave our eagle a name, told about it's favorite food, it's age and a fact about something the eagle can do.  These will soon be hanging outside our classroom, so check them out if you get the chance.

We also decided that it was time to send our loop snowmen home.  We are all getting a little tired of winter, so we decided to get ready for one of our favorite days in Kindergarten...St. Patrick's Day!  We made leprechaun hats to hang in our classroom.  

They sure helped to brighten up our classroom!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learning About Hunger

We had some visitors this afternoon.  Mrs. Hanson and a group of Second Grade students have been working on a project about hunger.  They did research and created wonderful poster boards on the subject.  What was the best thing about this great project?  Mrs. Hanson and the students shared them with US!

These students were amazing!  They worked so hard on their projects and they were able to teach us about hunger.  Best of all, they were also able to teach us about our upcoming service learning event...ImpactLives.  Since we have not been at Northview before for this special event, we don't know too much about it or what it will be like on March 15.  These students showed us what the packages of food will look like, talked to us about what it is like to pack food for others, and taught us about how important it is to do things for others.

We can NOT wait for March 15!!  Thank you, Mrs. Hanson and the Second Grade students, for teaching us.

Remember the other day when we traced and cut out our handprints and foot print?  Well, we finally finished the project today.  Did you guess what they are?

If you guessed bald eagle, you were correct!

Tomorrow we will add writing to this project by writing facts about bald eagles.  Stay tuned!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dr. Seuss and Bald Eagles

Guess who has a birthday this week?  Dr. Seuss!  His birthday is on March 2 and he would be 109 years old.  We will be reading lots of Dr. Seuss books throughout the week to celebrate and participate in Read Across America.

This afternoon we read the book 'My Little Book of Bald Eagles' by Hope Irvin Marston.  Before we started reading, Mrs. Kurt asked us what things we wondered about eagles.  We actually had lots of questions, like what do eagles eat?  Where are their nests?  Do they fly south for the winter?  After we shared our questions, Mrs. Kurt read us the book.  Almost all of our questions were actually answered in the book!  We had a fabulous discussion about the story.

Then we started our project.  We cut out two hands and one footprint.

Then we glued the hands on to each side of the footprint.

Then we added white feathers to the top and bottom of the footprint.  We still have a few more steps to go to finish this project...can you guess what it might be?  Check out the blog tomorrow to find out!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Story Problems and Another Inside Recess Day!

We worked on another step of our story problems in Math today.  We talked with our partners about our ideas and we started to organize some information on our papers.  We needed to decide on three things...which sea creature we want to write about, whether or not we wanted our problem to be an addition or subtraction problem, and what two numbers we want to use.

The sea creatures we could choose from were sharks, seals or whales.  Here is an example of a someone's information:


We decided to organize our information and write it down so we don't forget it.  Then we each shared our ideas for the whole class to hear.  We are looking forward to getting the writing started next week!

We continue to learn about the Presidents this week.  Today we read a story about Abraham Lincoln and discovered that we have a connection with him.  Abraham Lincoln loved books and reading.  He thought that reading helped him to learn new things.  And guess what?  We love reading and it helps us to learn new things!

We will be making a project for President's Day.  Today we traced our hands and one footprint.  Can you guess what we will make with these?  Watch the blog for the next few days and see if your prediction was correct!

Tomorrow is pajama day.  We are also really hoping for an outside recess day because we have had to be inside all week.  We have lots of energy and would love to get outside and get some fresh air.  We will see what tomorrow brings! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sea Creature Story Problems


Sorry for the lack of entries lately...our camera has not been working.  I think it is fixed now, so that should help.  I will post some older photos instead!

Today we saw a short movie on President's Day.  We learned about what the President does and that he has a pretty important job!  We also talked about how maybe someday one of us will be the President.  Now that would be pretty cool!

In Math, we have been working on story problems with sea creatures.  We acted out some of the story problems yesterday and today we solved problems using lots of different strategies.  We shared our thinking and were reminded once again that there are many different ways to solve problems.

Our next step will be to create some story problems on our own.  We will work on this during Writing Workshop and Math.  We will use the same procedure that we use in writing...think of an idea, share the idea with our writing partner, sketch it, write down the words and add details.  We are excited to write our own problems and share them with our friends to see if they can solve them, too!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The 100th Day of Kindergarten

Today was the 100th Day of Kindergarten.  We wore crowns to celebrate!

Remember all of those books we read yesterday?  And the hearts that we wrote the titles on?  This is what we did with them!

This morning, we completed 100 activities...before we went to Specialists!  Mrs. Kurt set up ten stations.  At each station, we had to do ten things.  When we were finished, we did one hundred things.  Wow!  Check out the yellow 100th day booklet we brought home in our back pack to see how busy we were.

We glued ten toothpicks,

wrote our names ten times,
 wrote ten words,

 glued ten shapes,

 put ten stickers on a page and lots more!

In Math, we made a pizza and added 100 ingredients to it!

 The blue table added pepperoni,

orange table added cheese,

yellow table added sausage,

green table added green olives,

and the red table added green peppers.

Then we colored in the crust to make it looked like it was baked.  It looked good enough to eat.

This afternoon, each table participated in a 100th day team building activity.  Each table was given 100 red cups.  As a team, they needed to create a structure using the cups.  This required talking, listening, cooperating and just having some fun.  Boy, did we ever have fun!

Hi-Ho!  Hi-Ho!
One hundred days ago,
We came to school,
And we're so cool,
Hi-Ho!  Hi-Ho!

Have a great weekend!