Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Big Day!

You can probably only imagine the level of excitement in this classroom today…when our students arrived they discovered that one of our eggs in the incubator had actually hatched!


Then they realized that the Science Center had also delivered two chicks, already hatched and ready for us to adopt!


So maybe we didn't exactly stick to our regular schedule today…in fact. we went over to Mrs. Japel's room and got to see an egg hatch live on her SMART Board.  She put the incubator under the document camera and all four of our classes got to see this happen live.  How cool is that??

We did some learning about how to safely handle the chicks.  They are really pretty tough, but they are still babies and we need to be careful.  Everyone had a chance to hold or pet the chicks at least three times today.  We also just let them wander around on the rug so we could observe and write about them!










Meet our new friends, Rosie and Speedy.  Our other friend, ClaraBear, is still in the incubator.  She does't seem very healthy, but we are going to follow Liam's advice and "have hope" that she will be better in the morning.  Fingers crossed!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Getting Ready...

Friday was a busy day in Kindergarten.  We had to prepare a habitat for the chicks that will be living in our classroom for a week.  After all, we can't just let them run all over the place unsupervised!  But just how do we do this?  We are going to need some supplies.  Lucky for us, the Science Center sent us some...


…but now what do we do with them?  Mrs. Kurt helped us figure it out!


First, we had to find a large box.  Then we lined the bottom of the box with lots of newspaper.  Next we added a big lamp with a large clamp.  We attached the lamp to the box with the clamp and checked to be sure the light bulb worked…it did.  The lamp stays on while the chicks are in the box to keep them warm.  They don't have a mother hen here to do that job.

We know that all living things need air, food and water to survive.  We need to be sure the chicks will have all of these.  We learned how to fill the water bottle and trough for the chicks.


We also had to get some food ready for them to eat!



We were all very curious to see what the habitat looked like, so we all had a look.



So excited for Monday…have a great weekend!

Managed Independent Learning and Math Workplaces

Here is a look at some of the fun things we did this week for Managed Independent Learning and Math Workplaces!





The Life Cycle of a Chicken

As you might imagine, the excitement is building in our classroom.  Our live chicks arrive on Monday and our "Hatch Day" for the eggs in the incubator should be on Tuesday or Wednesday.  While we continue to wait for these fun events patiently, we are learning lots about chicken embryos, baby chicks, hens and roosters.  We are doing lots of observing and recording in our Science Notebooks. This week we labeled the parts of an egg and then added some facts about what we have observed in the incubator and fish tanks this week!



Mrs. Anderson created an interactive SMARTBoard activity about the Life Cycle of a Chicken and shared it with our class.  We had lots of fun playing this.  Thank you for sharing with us, Mrs. Anderson!!!