Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our First Visit to the Library

On Friday, right after we had our school pictures taken, we got to visit the Northview Library for the first time.  We even got to practice sitting on the bleachers in the classroom area of the library!


One of the best parts of our visit was meeting our librarian for the first time.  Her name is Mrs. Lori Horton.  She showed us a slideshow and told us all about herself.  Mrs. Horton is married,  has two daughters, two dogs and she LOVES animals.  She is also a very talented artist.  She showed us pictures of some of her paintings.  She even paints pictures on bed sheets…amazing!  She showed us all around this very big room with tons of books!


We are very excited to get to know Mrs. Horton better.  Our class will be visiting the library every Friday to check out books.  One important thing she did tell us about our library check out day is that if we check out a book, and don't bring it back, that is OK, but we can't get a new one until the old one is returned.  Just another school rule for us to remember!


We also practiced using our scissors by cutting out the cute gingerbread people we decorated on Thursday...

…and read a story about a girl's first day in school ever!  It was a great week in Kindergarten!

Hope you have a good weekend!

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