Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chemical Reaction

What a fun Thursday we had!  Our day included a visit from Miss Maggie.  Miss Maggie is an employee of The Works in Bloomington, MN.  The Works has programs available to visit area schools and we were lucky enough to have them at Northview all week.  Their visit was sponsored by the Northview PTO.

We learned about chemical reactions.  A chemical reaction occurs when chemicals come together to make something new.  We learned lots about observation and how we can use all five of our senses to observe things.  Today we used only four senses…sight, smell, hearing and touch…to learn about chemical reactions.  

We did some discussing and observing.  We discovered that there was vinegar, windex and dish soap inside each of the bottles on the trays.


Next we observed what happens when you put oil and water together.  We even tried to mix them together, but they stayed separate.


Then it was time to make our slime.  We measured and added all the ingredients into a small cup.  We added water.  Next we put on the lids and shook the containers on the tables like a hockey puck then in the air.  Wow!  Did we see some changes!!






Miss Maggie told us we had to wait until we got home to play with our slime.  She was super excited that we made our slime today and we were, too.  A special thank you to the Northview PTO for sponsoring this fun event!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Meet Our Buddy Class

We were so excited this afternoon.  We were going to meet our Buddy Class!  After Specialist time today, we went to Mrs. Holtz's Fourth Grade classroom.  These fourth graders are our buddies this year.  It was pretty cool to visit their classroom.  When we arrived, we had to snake around the room and find the fourth grade student that was holding our name.  Once we found our partner, Mrs. Holtz helped us make a list of things we needed to accomplish.  First, we made a bookmark.  Then we did some reading together.  Last we made up a secret handshake.  It was so much fun to meet them and we are so excited to spend more time with them and do fun activities with our buddy classroom!