Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Principal's Office

We have been busy learning how to be part of our new classroom and Northview communities.  Yesterday, Mrs. Town stopped by our class while we were reading one of our gingerbread boy stories. She was not able to be with us when we finished the story, so we decided to write her a letter during our community writing today to tell her how it ended.

When we finished our writing, we talked about what we should do with the letter.  We could mail it.  We could put it in an envelope.  Or we could deliver it.  But where?

Many of our kindergartners have mentioned going to the principal's office at school.  Some of us were thinking this is a bad thing to go there.  I decided to take them there to find out that Mrs. Town's office is really a friendly place.  It is not just a place where bad things happen!  Sometimes she has to work with friends if they make a mistake, but sometimes she visits with friends there.  She might read a story or talk with us about happy things.  It was so cool to visit her there.  She was having a meeting, but she still took time out to greet us and she even let us come in and see her office!



And guess what else?  We got to meet the new Assistant Administrator at Northview while we were there.  Her name is Mrs. Tavernier.  She was in the principal's office and she wasn't even in trouble!  See, it is a friendly place!


Mrs. Town really liked her letter.  And we really enjoyed seeing her office!

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