Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Writing, Art and More About Trees

In Writing Workshop, we are learning to think about our ideas that we want to write about.  Mrs. Lorenz was helping us to draw or sketch our stories using pictures.  Then when we have our pictures sketched on our papers, we are working on adding some words.  We are working more on stretching out words and writing down the sounds we hear in words.  We did a good job on this today!

Today we went to Art for Specialist time with Ms. Rausch.  Our job was to create pictures using the shapes we learned about in Math.  We had fun with this!

We went outside after lunch to learn more about trees.  We chose a tree in front of our school to adopt.  Adopting a tree means that we are going to take care of it.  We identified the parts of our tree, made a crayon rubbing of the bark on the trunk of the tree, made a leaf print and measured the circumference of the tree's trunk.

When we came back inside, we made a scrapbook page of our tree and put a new entry in our class science notebook.

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