Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Computer Lab, Work Places and Davanni's Night

We had another great day in Kindergarten Plus!

This afternoon we visited the computer lab.  This was pretty exciting stuff for us, especially since it was the first time that some of us had been there.  The kids that go to the YMCA After School Program have been there before and were great helpers.  We learned about logging on and how to navigate our way around a pretty cool program called Tux Paint.

In Math, we learned a new game called "Beat You To 10".  After we learned how to play, we got to use the work places.  Today we used the pattern blocks, geoboard shapes, bucket of frogs, polydrons, unifix cube patterns, Which Bug Will Win and Beat You to 10.  We are learning lots from our work places.

Tonight was Davanni's night.  Thanks to everyone who came to the restaurant or picked up food to take home.  We appreciate your support!

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