Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leaf Sorting and Assessments

This afternoon we were busy learning even more about leaves.  We decided to sort the leaves we collected from our leaf walk last Friday.  After some discussion, we thought it would be good to sort the leaves by color.

Mrs. Lorenz got out the enormous floor graph that we used a couple of weeks ago after we tasted different kinds of apples to see which one we liked best.  We listed the colors of the leaves and started sorting.  We are learning that using a graph helps us to organize information.

Next we made a chart that tells us how many leaves of each color we had.

Last, we recorded the information from the floor graph on to our own papers.

We have been quite busy working on our assessments.  Mrs. Kurt has been checking our letter names, letter sounds, writing, counting and lots of other skills.  It is pretty amazing how much we have already learned in Kindergarten!

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