Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Number Corner, Tally Marks and Footprint Ghosts

In Kindergarten, we have Math every day.  Each Math lesson begins with our Number Corner.  Number Corner is an interactive calendar display that reinforces basic skills and it takes about ten minutes of each Math lesson.  Number Corner gives the students practice with sorting, patterning, graphing, counting, numeral recognition, comparing, addition, shapes, money, time and calendar reading skills throughout the school year.

In Math, we are learning about tally marks.  Tally marks are another way to represent a number.  We have shown numbers using tally marks on our white boards for practice.  After lunch today, we used tally marks to see how many students in our class had hot lunch, sandwiches, or lunch from home.  Mrs. Lorenz is also teaching us about tally marks and we are using popsicle sticks to show numbers.  Using tally marks to show the number five has been a little tricky for us, so you could help us practice this at home!

This morning we finished a fun Art project for Halloween...footprint ghosts.  Mrs. Radermacher helped us paint our feet white.  We stepped on black paper and waited for it to dry.  We added eyes, stars and a moon and made them into ghosts.  It was really fun and these look pretty cool hanging in the hallway outside our classroom.  Check them out!

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