Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reading Workshop and Inside Recess

On Wednesday during our Reading Workshop time, we talked about all the different things that people read.  Of course we talked about books, magazines and newspapers, but we also talked about how people read on their computers, iPads, iPods, Kindles, phones...people read everywhere!  Part of our lesson was on finding things to read that are interesting to us.  In order for us to do this, Mrs. Kurt put baskets of books out on our tables.  We looked at the books in the baskets and found a few that were interesting to us.  Then we found a cozy spot in our classroom and took time to look through the books.

Some of us can read the books pretty well.  Others are recognizing some words that we have been learning in Writing and Reading workshop.  In a few weeks, we will begin our Guided Reading groups and will be bringing books home to read for practice.  Very exciting!

Since it was raining, we had inside recess today.  Here are some photos of the things we did during that time.

Have a great MEA weekend!

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