Monday, October 15, 2012

National School Lunch Week

This is National School Lunch Week!  In honor of this, the kitchen workers at Northview invited the Kindergarten students to visit for a tour of the Northview kitchen.  We saw many things.  First, Mrs. Hanson showed us where the kitchen workers serve us the food.

Next she showed us the huge machine that washes the dishes.  The water in this dishwasher gets up to 180 degrees.

Then Mrs. Hanson showed us the freezer and refrigerator.


She also showed us the big room where they store the canned goods and paper products.

It was really cool to see where the lunchroom workers work hard every day to prepare our healthy school breakfasts and lunches.  We appreciate their hard work!

Later we went to lunch.  We had pizza and Mr. Jim was serving us today.  We also got to choose vegetables and fruit.

Mrs. Offerman helps us to put our lunch numbers in as we go through the line.

Lunch time in Kindergarten is fun.  You should join us sometime!

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