Monday, October 22, 2012

Dice Tally Game

It was great to get back after our long weekend off.  Mrs. Lorenz is teaching us about stretching out words in Writing Workshop.  She said that we need to listen to the words we want to write carefully.  Then we should try to write down all the sounds that we hear.  She told us to "do the best you can, and move on".  So, that is what we tried today.  It was a little tricky but we kept trying and it actually went pretty well.  We will work on that again tomorrow.

In Math, we learned a new game.  It is called the Dice Tally game.  Mrs. Kurt gave us each one die to roll and a game sheet.  We reviewed how to make tally marks and what to do when you get a group of five.  When we rolled the die, we would put a tally mark next to the number that the die landed on.  It was a really fun game and it gave us good practice making tally marks!

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