Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fancy Nancy at Stages Theater

We had such a great time today on our kindergarten field trip to Stages Theater in Hopkins, MN.  We got to ride on a school bus and had a great time.


When we arrived at the theater, we got to sit in the balcony.  Northview Kindergarten had the entire balcony to themselves!  We had to go up a bunch of stairs.

Look at how much fun we had sitting in our seats, waiting for the show to begin!



So grateful to all of our chaperones…Mrs. Jes Rau (Colton's mom) and Mr. Jose Vasquez (Nathan's dad)...


Mrs. Kristin Pontrelli (Elaina's mom) and Mrs. Heather VonItter (Sami's mom)…


Mrs. Emily Hauenstein (Clara's mom) and Mrs. Amber Kissner (Malia's mom)...


and Mrs. Saphira Elder (Bobo's mom).  Thank you for giving us the gift of your time so we could go on this trip today!!

For many of us, this was our first opportunity to see an actual play in a real theater.  We really enjoyed this experience!




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