Monday, January 16, 2017


When we visited the Library on Friday, we could not believe our eyes!  Mrs. Horton transformed our library into Hawaii and she told us we were going on a "staycation"!


Mrs. Horton showed us where Hawaii is located.  For this, she used a globe and a map.  We noticed that the globe is shaped like a sphere…we are learning about three dimensional shapes in Math.  She also told us about pineapples and how they grow in Hawaii.

You may also remember that we are learning about Eric Carle.  Well, Mrs. Horton even tied in one of our favorite Eric Carle books, 10 Little Rubber Ducks, to go along with our staycation!


Once we checked out our books, we got to relax and use our imagination to imagine we were on a beach reading books.  It was delightful!





Many thanks to Mrs. Horton for making our visits to the library this year fun and adventurous.  We appreciate all of her hard work!

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