Friday, January 20, 2017

A Short Week!

This was a short, but productive week in Kindergarten.  I want to share with you some of the amazing writing that your kindergartners are doing.  During our Writer's Workshop time, we continue to work on our skills as storytellers.  We listen to the story teller and ask questions about their stories.  Like Eric Carle, our writing begins with our idea or our thinking.  


As writers, we take time to plan out our stories that will will write.  We might talk with a friend about our idea.  This helps us with our plan because our friend might ask some great questions that help us to think about details of our story.  We count how many words are in our story.  Then we get our tools…journals, pencils, crayons, alphabet charts and the word wall…and get to work!



Before we end our Writer's Workshop, we gather on the rug to share our writing.  Sometimes we each share our writing by reading it to the class.  Other times we may use the document camera and the SMART board to teach our classmates something we learned while writing today.



During our sharing time, we are respectful to each other by listening, asking questions and making comments about our friends' writing.  We are so lucky that we can learn from each other in our classroom!

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