Monday, January 16, 2017

More Fun in Kindergarten

It was a very busy week in Kindergarten!  We are loving reading our Eric Carle books!



We learned this week that Eric Carle does not have just one favorite color…he loves ALL colors.  His favorite thing to do is blend colors.  We were not exactly sure what he meant by this, so we tried blending some paint colors to see what would happen.


Very cool!

We also did some exploring with three dimensional shapes.  We are specifically focusing on sphere, cube, cone and cylinder.  We started by exploring the shapes, talking about what we noticed and writing down our thinking.  Next week we will share out our wonderings about these shapes.  We are also noticing these shapes around us in every day life.  For example, in the lunchroom we noticed peas are shaped like spheres.  Our breadsticks were shaped like cylinders, as were many of the containers used to serve our fruit and vegetables.  Be sure to ask your kindergartner about these shapes and help them to notice them around your home.




For inside recess on Friday, we had a dance party in the gym!  It was the BEST inside recess EVER!!! Many thanks to Mrs. Town, Mrs. Tavernier, Mr. Ball and Mr. Nelson for making this very fun event happen for us.  These kindergartners can dance!


After the dance party, we worked up quite an appetite.  We went to have lunch in the lunchroom.




Mrs. Amy Countryman from the American Heart Association visited with us Friday afternoon to help us kick off our "Jump Rope for Heart" campaign for the 2017 school year.  Please check your child's Friday Folders for more details on how you can participate with this worthwhile event.

It was a very busy week!

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