Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eric Carle

We began our new Unit of Study this week.  We will be learning about the author and illustrator Eric Carle.  We started out by looking at and admiring several different Eric Carle books in our classroom.







We could not believe how many things we noticed about all of his books!  We decided to list them on a chart and this is what we wrote…

We learned that Eric Carle has written LOTS of books.  In fact, we checked his website and found out that he has written 60 books that are currently in print.  But, he has also written lots more.  Next week we hope to find out how many he has written altogether.  Many of his books have also been published in different languages, so children and families all around the world are able to enjoy his wonderful stories!  We can't wait to discover more about Eric Carle!

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