Friday, January 20, 2017

A Special Visitor

On Wednesday morning, we had a special visitor at Northview.  Dr. Jane Berenz, Superintendent of Schools for Independent School District 196, was at Northview and actually visited our classroom.  She was very curious about our Morning Message, so we told her all about it.  We even read it with her!  She wondered about the red and blue markings on our message.  We shared with her that we are learning about punctuation marks, so when we noticed one, we marked it with a red circle and shared what it meant when we see it in writing.  The blue lines show the high frequency words that we recognized in the message.  Dr. Berenz paid us a nice compliment.  She told us that she could tell we were working hard in school and being our best selves.  That made us feel very proud!


Thank you for visiting our class, Dr. Berenz.  And thank you for all you do for our schools!

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