Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Writing Workshop, Reading Workshop and Math

We are really getting good at our Writing Workshop.  We have been learning that writers think first, then they sketch a picture, label it and add words.  We have also been talking about what writers do when they are "done".  Mrs. Kurt taught us this cool saying..."When I'm done, I've just begun!"  Now this means that when we are writing and we think we are finished with a story, we need to look at our work and check on some things.

First, I ask myself if I can add anything to the picture.  Maybe some details.  Maybe some color.  Next, I ask myself if I could add to the words.  Maybe I could add another sentence.  After I have added to the picture and the words, my story would be done.  Then it would be time to get a new piece of paper and start a new story.


Look at all of this good writing going on.  So exciting!

Since it is a new month, our Number Corner has changed!  We are anxious to see what the calendar markers will be like...

 Today's Math lesson was on sorting.  This time we sorted bugs.  We came up with several ways that the bugs were alike and how they were different.



 In Reading Workshop, we learned that sometimes people read magazines.  Mrs. Hemsey loaned us some really cool kids magazines from the library.  We got to have a magazine and find a cozy reading spot somewhere in the classroom to "read" the magazines.  Check it out!


In our Social Skills lesson today, we talked about how sometimes we get frustrated and say things like "I can't!" or "I don't know!"  We talked about words we could use instead and look at the great ideas we came up with...

Our goal is to use some of these ideas  instead of saying I can't or I don't know.  We will add more ideas to our list tomorrow.

Whew!  We had a busy day today!

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