Thursday, October 3, 2013

Patterning and More Scarecrows

In Math today, we worked on patterns.  First we made patterns using ourselves.  Then we made unifix cube patterns.  We learned about copying a pattern and extending a pattern, too.  Did you know that extend means to make the pattern bigger or longer?  Well, we know that now.  Just ask us!

Our newest workplaces are called "Which Bug Will Win?" and "Unifix Cube Patterns".  We are all excited for tomorrow when we get to explore workplaces in Math!  Look for some photos coming up...



Today we read the story "Scarecrow's Hat" written and illustrated by Ken Brown.  When we started reading the book, we all wondered why a chicken would be sitting on a scarecrow's hat.  We thought that seemed a little strange.  We learned a new word in this story, too.  The word is swap.  Swap means to trade or change something with someone.  In this story, lots of the animal characters had something that they wanted to swap.  Be sure to ask your child about this fun story!

We started making another scarecrow project today.  It is not quite done yet...they need a few finishing touches.  Look for some photos of them tomorrow.


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