Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fire Safety

Such an awesome day in Kindergarten Plus!  This is Fire Prevention Week and we had some special activities and very important visitors who came to our school today!

Our day began with a fire drill.  We were able to evacuate the entire building in less than two minutes and Mrs. Carl was so proud of all of us.  We are getting good at knowing exactly what to do when the fire alarm rings at school.

Following the fire drill, it was off to P.E. with Mrs. Smith.  Then we got to go back outside and visit a REAL fire truck, with REAL Eagan fire fighters!!  Visiting the fire truck was the highlight of the day.  One of the firefighters showed us all of the equipment on the truck and told us what they use each thing for.  Then he even let us sit inside the truck!  We LOVED it!!



After we learned all about the fire truck, we got to meet two other Eagan fire fighters.  They showed us the gear the fire fighters wear so in case we are ever in a fire or see a fire fighter dressed in their gear, we won't be scared.  We know that they are there to help us.

We learned some cool things about the fire fighters that visited us today.  One of them has children that attend Northview.  Another one decided to trade his helmet for one of our friend's name hat!

And the fire fighter that dressed up in the gear actually was a student at Northview, just like we are!


Ms. Arboe even had a chance to try on one of the helmets!

Yesterday we made these sweet fire fighter hats, so we put them on for a photo today!

Many thanks to the Eagan Fire Department for having their fire fighters visit us today.  We learned many things.  Please take some time at home to discuss with your family what to do in the event of a fire at home.  Remember to have two escape routes, check the batteries in all of your smoke detectors, and have a designated meeting place for your family in case you ever have a fire at home.  We want all of our friends to be safe!

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