Friday, October 25, 2013

More Sequencing and Trees

On Thursday, Ms. Arboe read us another version of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  When she finished, she handed out puppets and we got to practice retelling the story!  Retelling means to tell the story over (or again) to another person.  It's important to remember to tell the events of the story in the correct sequence.  Otherwise, it won't make any sense!


This was a really fun activity and we learned about how important sequence is.  Next Ms. Arboe gave us a set of eight pictures.  These pictures were of events from the story she read to us.  Now came the tricky part...we had to put the pictures in the correct sequence, glue them on a piece of red paper, color them and then retell the story to a friend.  It was hard work, but we did an awesome job!



After that busy project, we had to work on our tree book.  Remember the nature walk we took on Wednesday?  Well, we used the things we collected to complete the book.  We added labels, illustrated
the pictures and added the bark, branches and leaves.  We hope you looked at our books...we were very proud of them!



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