Monday, October 7, 2013

Ten Frames and Bugs

In today's Math lesson, we learned how to use ten frames to help us count.  A ten frame is a frame with ten boxes...five in each row.  These help us count quickly because if one row is full, we know that is five and we can count on from there.  If both rows of boxes are full, we know there are ten.  

Ms. Arboe chose helpers to hold up ten frame cards.  We noticed that they were all mixed up...out of sequence!  We had to work together to put the cards in the pocket chart in the right order.




Then we had to match the number cards with the ten frame cards.


Ms. Arboe thinks we are pretty good Math students!

Tomorrow will be a big day in Kindergarten Plus...a fire drill, a visit to a real fire truck and a visit from Eagan fire fighters to our classroom.  Look for some fun photos tomorrow!

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