Friday, September 27, 2013

Apple Poem, Quilt and Family Fun Night

It has been a busy but FUN week in Kindergarten Plus.  We made a project to go with the new apple poem we learned.  The poem goes like this:

Eat an apple.
Save the core.
Plant the seeds.
And grow some more!



We also made quilt squares for our class quilt.  Today we worked together to assemble the quilt.  Did you know that assemble means to put something together?  We know that now!  We saw lots of patterns in the quilt.  We noticed that the patterns went across, up and down and diagonally.  We also noticed lots of triangles and squares in this quilt.  We even wrote about it, too.


Tonight was the first PTO Family Fun Night.  It was held on the playground and it was a blast.  Mrs. Kurt was getting a little tired trying to keep up with her friends on the playground equipment.  Thanks to the Northview PTO for sponsoring this event and many thanks to our families that attended!




Thanks for a great week.  Have a good weekend!

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