Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Pumpkin Math

We did some more Pumpkin Math activities today.  Ms. Arboe asked us what would happen if we put a pumpkin in water.  Would it sink?  Would it float?  She asked us to tell her what we thought!

Then she passed the pumpkin around the circle and we got to feel how heavy it was.  After we felt it, she asked us again if we thought it would sink or float.  Some of us did change our answers after we held the pumpkin.


There was only one way to discover if a pumpkin would sink or float, so we put it in some water.

And guess what?  It floated!  Pumpkins do float!  We recorded this information in our Pumpkin Math Book.


We also played a Math matching game.  We had to match the number on the pumpkin with the pumpkin that had matching ten frame.  It was a game kind of like "Memory".  We loved it and we got so excited every time one of our friends found a match!


Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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