Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Granny Goose and More Trees

In today's Science lesson, we learned about the parts of trees.  We now know that trees have roots, trunks, branches and leaves.  We labeled two different types of trees.  We talked about how trees get nutrients and energy.  We even journaled about it in our classroom Science Journal!


Then we got to work together in pairs to label parts of trees.  We did really well and we hardly even had to look at the charts we labeled together in class!



This afternoon we met a new friend.  Her name is Granny Goose.  Granny Goose has been reading to kindergarten students at Northview for 11 years.  She volunteers her time once a month to share her love of reading with our kindergarten students.  Today she read us a fun story called "Arthur's Halloween" by Marc Brown.  It kind of made us a little excited about Halloween...just a little!

When she comes to read, she also brings her two little stuffed animal friends that sit on her lap...Gracie and Lacey Goose!


Have a great weekend!

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