Thursday, September 26, 2013

Applesauce and Reader's Workshop

Such an exciting morning!  We made (and ate) applesauce.  Thanks so much to everyone who sent in apples so we could make this.  It was really good.



In Reader's Workshop, we talked about where readers read.  We thought about places we have seen people reading.  Then we chatted with a partner about all the places we have seen people reading and what they were reading.

We really had some amazing things to share.  We have seen people reading in the grocery store, at home, at school, on airplanes and even at church.  We have also seen people reading all kinds of phones, iPads, iPods, magazines, books, computers, road signs, newspapers...even directions for toys, such as legos, etc.  We came to the conclusion that readers read many different things, and they pretty much read anywhere!

Then we decided to find places in our room where we could read.  We got books and set off to find our  own cozy reading spot.  Even if we couldn't read all the words in the books we chose, we could still look at the pictures and even make up a story.  It was really cool to do what readers do!



Tomorrow we will finish our shoo fly quilt for math and a cool sequencing activity about apples.

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