Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Writing Workshop

We started Writing Workshop today!  Our lesson was really fun, too.  We started by learning about labels.  We learned that labels give readers information about pictures.  We weren't exactly sure what this meant, so Mrs. Kurt helped us.

We started out by labeling the picture of Mr. Bear on the chart paper.

Then Mrs. Kurt had a funny idea...she told us we were going to label her!  We weren't sure how we were going to do this, so she helped us out.  When we named a part of her, she wrote the word on a post it note.  Then we got to put the labels on Mrs. Kurt!


We sure giggled a lot while this was happening!

Mrs. Kurt did look a little funny wearing post it notes!  But then, we each got some post it notes and a black flair marker.  We started making labels for things all over the room.  We learned that it is O.K. if we don't know how to spell something.  We can just stretch out the word and write down the sounds we hear.  We also learned that we can use the alphabet chart to help us with this.  We labeled all kinds of things in our room and had a great time while we were learning something new.




So if you need any help labeling things, be sure to ask us.  We are pretty good at making labels!

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