Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apple Tasting and Graphing

Today for our apple unit, we did something new.  We tasted three different types of apples.  We each got to try a piece of a yellow, red and green apple.  Ms. Arboe passed out the apples and we tasted each one.


After we tasted each type of apple, we had to decide which one was our favorite.  Then we organized this information by using two different kinds of graphs so we could analyze our data!  Mrs. Kurt was really proud of us because everyone participated in this activity, too.

First, we made a graph using tally marks.


Then we used a giant floor graph to show our favorite kind of apple.

We discovered that the most popular kind of apple was the red apple.

We also made shape people this afternoon using squares, circles and rectangles.  We did a really good job following directions and putting our people together.



Tomorrow we will make applesauce for our snack.  We are pretty excited!

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