Friday, September 6, 2013

Guided Discovery with Scissors and Unifix Cubes

Wow!  We have had a busy week.  And today was the best day of Kindergarten Plus so far!!  We have learned the Northview All Star Code and can say it all by ourselves!

Be sure to check our Friday Folders for information about the All Star Code.  We need to sign a paper and return it to school next week!

Here is our behavior chart:

It seems to be working well.  In fact, we have had a few students earn Shining Stars for their good behavior.  Mrs. Kurt says she hopes more kids earn them next week!

We did a guided discovery with scissors today.  Guided discovery means we learn how to use different tools in school safely.  We also learn how to properly clean up and store the tools we use.  We learned the correct way to hold a scissors.  We discussed that the ONLY thing we cut with a scissors is paper.  We practiced carrying a scissors in a safe manner, too.  

We also did a guided discovery with one of our Math tools this afternoon...unifix cubes.  We spent some time exploring things we could do with the cubes.  Boy, were we creative!  Just look at some of the things we did with the cubes:



Mrs. Kurt said it was a great day today...and it was!  Have a good weekend!

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