Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kindergarten Routines and Rules

We have been really working hard the past three days on learning all of the new routines and rules for Kindergarten Plus at Northview!

When we get to school in the morning, we have two very important jobs to do.  First, we need to be sure we check our back packs to see if there is anything in them that we might need to give to Mrs. Kurt. 

Next, when we go in to the classroom, we go to our table spot and find our clip.  (The clip is really a clothespin with our name on it.)  Our job is to take it to the behavior chart and place it on the green "Ready To Learn" area because when we come to school, we are ready to learn!

One of our favorite times of the day is Snack and Milk time.  We are working hard on eating healthy snacks and drinking all of our milk!

Mrs. Kurt also gives us time to practice our lunch numbers for when we go to lunch...another favorite part of our day!


We are learning the names of all our new friends in Kindergarten Plus.  We do this by playing some fun name games during our Morning Meeting.

We learned a cool Math counting game called "ZAP" and we can't wait to play it again tomorrow.

After recess, we had a little bit of Quiet Time.  Mrs. Kurt was super excited because we all did a great job just coloring and relaxing before our busy afternoon started.  Such good listeners!!!

We had a visit with our school nurse, Mrs. Hannasch, this afternoon.  She showed us a great video and talked to us about allergies.  We learned that lots of people have allergies and that it is OK to have allergies!  She also reminded us that we should not share our food and that we need to be good helpers by washing our hands after we eat and  cleaning our table spots after snack.  We want all our friends to be happy and safe.

We are so busy learning new things that we are pretty tired at night.  Remember to get lots of rest...tomorrow will be another busy day!

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