Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Great Week!

We had a great week in Kindergarten Plus!  There were lots of changes in our schedule, like starting Specialists, a fire drill, two days of inside recess due to rain and school portraits...but we were really flexible and made it through!

On Wednesday, we made a school bus.  We used our scissors, glue sticks and crayons and they turned out great!


Our Math unit has been focusing on shapes.  We have been exploring triangles, squares, circles and rectangles.  We have learned about the attributes of each shape.  We have been sorting the shapes, creating and expanding patterns and next we will use shapes to make a quilt.

We have also been using our Math Work Places.  The work places enable the students to apply skills they learn in Math through participating in games and activities that utilize the Math skills we learn.  This week we introduced Polydrons, Geoboards and Geobands and a Basket of Bugs to go along with the Unifix Cubes and Pattern Blocks we have already learned about.  Be sure to ask your child about our Work Places!




Be sure to check Friday Folders to complete the homework for this weekend.  Have a good weekend!

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