Friday, February 1, 2013

Nocturnal Animals and D.E.A.R. Time

We have been learning about nocturnal animals this week.  We know that nocturnal animals are active at night and sleep during the day.  (We also learned that animals that are active during the day and sleep at night are called diurnal.)  One of the animals we discussed was the owl.  Mrs. Dahl shared a super cute idea with us so we decided to make owls in our classroom.

In order to make the owls look like they have feathers, we had to tear black and white paper into lots of small pieces and then glue them on to the blue paper.  This took kind of a long time, and we worked on them during our inside recess on Thursday.   Mrs. Kurt and Mrs. Radermacher were so impressed at how hard we worked on these and what a great job we did following directions.  We still need to add a few details to the tree branch and the background, but they sure are cute.  Thanks to Mrs. Dahl for sharing the idea with the Kindergarten teachers.

On Thursday afternoon, we had another all school D.E.A.R. Time.  (It stands for Drop Everything And Read!)  This time, everyone in our whole school grabbed their books and we all sat in the halls!  It is so fun to see everyone at Northview reading at the same time.

Even Mr. Anderson read with us during D.E.A.R. Time!

Have a great weekend!

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