Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sea Creature Story Problems


Sorry for the lack of entries lately...our camera has not been working.  I think it is fixed now, so that should help.  I will post some older photos instead!

Today we saw a short movie on President's Day.  We learned about what the President does and that he has a pretty important job!  We also talked about how maybe someday one of us will be the President.  Now that would be pretty cool!

In Math, we have been working on story problems with sea creatures.  We acted out some of the story problems yesterday and today we solved problems using lots of different strategies.  We shared our thinking and were reminded once again that there are many different ways to solve problems.

Our next step will be to create some story problems on our own.  We will work on this during Writing Workshop and Math.  We will use the same procedure that we use in writing...think of an idea, share the idea with our writing partner, sketch it, write down the words and add details.  We are excited to write our own problems and share them with our friends to see if they can solve them, too!

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