Monday, February 11, 2013

What's the News?

Every Monday, during our Morning Meeting, we participate in an activity called "What's the News?"  Each person in our class has an opportunity to share or tell us something about their weekend, or in this case, extended weekend.  We usually sit on the black line and Mrs. Kurt greets us and asks us "What's the News?"  Then we share our news.  Today, we did something different.  Each of us had a turn to sit       in Mrs. Kurt's rocking chair to share with our friends.  We love sitting in the rocking chair and we are getting more comfortable speaking in front of our peers.  We had lots to share, too!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.  We are busy making a special Valentine for our parents.  We are also learning (and practicing) how to make hearts for a special project we will do tomorrow.  Some of us are learning how to play checkers during Free Choice Time.

It was another good day in Kindergarten Plus!

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