Friday, February 15, 2013

The 100th Day of Kindergarten

Today was the 100th Day of Kindergarten.  We wore crowns to celebrate!

Remember all of those books we read yesterday?  And the hearts that we wrote the titles on?  This is what we did with them!

This morning, we completed 100 activities...before we went to Specialists!  Mrs. Kurt set up ten stations.  At each station, we had to do ten things.  When we were finished, we did one hundred things.  Wow!  Check out the yellow 100th day booklet we brought home in our back pack to see how busy we were.

We glued ten toothpicks,

wrote our names ten times,
 wrote ten words,

 glued ten shapes,

 put ten stickers on a page and lots more!

In Math, we made a pizza and added 100 ingredients to it!

 The blue table added pepperoni,

orange table added cheese,

yellow table added sausage,

green table added green olives,

and the red table added green peppers.

Then we colored in the crust to make it looked like it was baked.  It looked good enough to eat.

This afternoon, each table participated in a 100th day team building activity.  Each table was given 100 red cups.  As a team, they needed to create a structure using the cups.  This required talking, listening, cooperating and just having some fun.  Boy, did we ever have fun!

Hi-Ho!  Hi-Ho!
One hundred days ago,
We came to school,
And we're so cool,
Hi-Ho!  Hi-Ho!

Have a great weekend!

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