Thursday, February 21, 2013

Story Problems and Another Inside Recess Day!

We worked on another step of our story problems in Math today.  We talked with our partners about our ideas and we started to organize some information on our papers.  We needed to decide on three things...which sea creature we want to write about, whether or not we wanted our problem to be an addition or subtraction problem, and what two numbers we want to use.

The sea creatures we could choose from were sharks, seals or whales.  Here is an example of a someone's information:


We decided to organize our information and write it down so we don't forget it.  Then we each shared our ideas for the whole class to hear.  We are looking forward to getting the writing started next week!

We continue to learn about the Presidents this week.  Today we read a story about Abraham Lincoln and discovered that we have a connection with him.  Abraham Lincoln loved books and reading.  He thought that reading helped him to learn new things.  And guess what?  We love reading and it helps us to learn new things!

We will be making a project for President's Day.  Today we traced our hands and one footprint.  Can you guess what we will make with these?  Watch the blog for the next few days and see if your prediction was correct!

Tomorrow is pajama day.  We are also really hoping for an outside recess day because we have had to be inside all week.  We have lots of energy and would love to get outside and get some fresh air.  We will see what tomorrow brings! 

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