Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kaleidoscopes and Bowling

The Northview PTO provided us with a pretty fun experience this morning.  We attended a class put on by The Works.  The Works, located in Bloomington, creates successful, inspiring, hands-on learning experiences for kids.  Their unique exhibits and educational programs demystify science and engineering, and inspire interest and confidence in learning.  The Works has provided kid-friendly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs since 1995.  Not only do they provide these programs at their location in Bloomington, they also take their programs to area schools as well.

Our teacher was Miss Sonia and she taught us about mirrors.  With the help of Miss Sonia, Mrs. Kurt and Mrs. Radermacher we were all able to make our own kaleidoscopes using three rectangular mirrors and some colored electrical tape.  It was so amazing to see what we were able to do and we loved being able to share our creation with our friends.  Miss Sonia was so happy that we were such good listeners and that we had fun!

Thanks to the Northview PTO for providing this fun activity for us.

Going to gym today was another highlight of our day.  Not only did we win the "Golden Shoe Award" (again!), we got to go bowling.  Ms. Salter is helping us learn how to bowl and when we get a strike, we get to write our name on a piece of paper to bring home!

We learned the value of teamwork, too.  We all work together as a team for bowling.  We help each other by setting up pins after they fall and encouraging each other.  We also all helped at the end of class to put all of the equipment away.  That made Ms. Salter really happy.  She told us we were her best helpers, and that makes us proud!

It was another great day in Kindergarten Plus!

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